DIVEmApps Development Update (Feb 2014)

Posted 10 years ago by scales

We have achieved amazing progress in the past few months on the iOS version of our Bali DIVEmApps. We’ve implemented a few great features.

After some considerations, we decided to release this App for FREE with an “in App” purchase option to unlock the “Dive sites” and the “Fish and Coral” sections.

The FREE versions will give you access to the “About Bali”, the “Pre dive”, the “Emergency Action Plan” and the “Info” sections. To unlock the other 2 sections, you will be prompt to pay via iTunes/Google Play stores.

We are also adding sharing capacity allowing you to share various content throughout the App with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Given that we just added a few more functionalities to develop and test, we now expect the Bali Dive Guide to be available in iTunes App store in March.

Contact us for more information: info@DIVEmApps.com

The DIVEmApps team

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