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Bali Dive Guide by DIVEmApps


DIVEmapps designed by Robert Scales
DIVEmapps iOS coding Ashish Sharma
Graphic design by Jason Gabriel & Robert Scales


Dive site maps designed by Amin from Bali Crystal Divers & Robert Scales
Fish & Coral section compiled by Robert Scales and Niels Rijneveld
Photographers Agata Melisa, Joakim Engqvist, Mariska Richters, Arkadiy Almendieiev, & Robert Scales
Manta & Mola Code of Conduct by the Coral Triangle Centre & Aquatic Alliance
Text Jeff Cohen, Magnus Christensen, & Robert Scales with additional content from Wikipedia & Wikitravel Text Source: Content from wikipedia and wikitravel used under the Creative Commons licence (CC BY-SA 3.0.)
Editor William Harrison
Producers Robert Scales, Holistic Hybrid & DIVEmApps

Special Thanks

Sandra Demonti, Minni Vangsgaard, Cody McDonald, Helen Mitchell & Peter Basset from Aquatic Alliance, Andreas Muljadi from the Coral Triangle Centre, Dave Mcfarlane from MyDryPlanet.com, William Harrison, Ian Collins and Mieneke Collins. Without your support this project would not have been possible.

coraltrianglecentre aquaticalliance_org

Contact Us

We welcome all inquires, and feedback. Please feel free to contact usinfo@divemapps.com

Thank you for purchasing this DIVEmApps, we appreciate your support!

The DIVEmApps Team DIVEmApps-250x

Content Contributors

Are you interested in helping us? You can contribute content and/or media to help improve this Dive Guide or assist us with the development of other DIVEmApps. Please feel free to contact us:info@divemapps.com

Courses, Diving and Internships

Are you interested in becoming a professeional diver, taking courses, or volunteering? We can provide recommendations and information on where to dive, diving internships and volunteer programs offered in Bali and Indonesia. Please feel free to contact us:info@divemapps.com

Dive Operators

DIVEmApps is distributed through iTunes. Please help us spread the word and promote this awesome Dive Guide. Please feel free to contact us: info@divemapps.com to get a copy of our marketing kit.

Environmental Awareness

Remember Bali and Indonesia is part of the coral triangle, a fragile ecosystem. We need to work together to maintain this paradise sustainable for future generations. Please maintain good buoyancy and DO NOT TOUCH the reef and aquatic life.

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle Be mindful about using plastic products!

Keep your Device Dry

MyDryPlanet offers quality Dri-Dock pouches for iPhones, iPads and other electronic devices. Waterproof certified and tested to 10 meters. Available online or at various water sport operators throughout Indonesia!


Safety Reminder

Plan your dive and Dive your plan! The information provided in this DIVEmApps does not represent a substitute for professional training. We take no responsibilities, nor are we liable for how you use the content of this guide, or if the information provided is outdated.

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